Structure of the company

Today, the Representative Office of “Euro Lifecare Limited” in Ukraine has a fully developed structure and staffed by a team of highly qualified & professional specialists. The members of the marketing department are continuously working in the direction of market research, to determine the need for new drugs of different pharmacological groups. The Launch of new drugs in the market is accompanied by in-depth analysis of competitor activity and very carefully planned marketing and sales strategies.

Marketing department consists of three divisions: the first – promotes prescription products, the second – is responsible for OTC group, and the third – specializes in Hospital products. In the future, it is planned to expand the product portfolio and introduce new Business units.

“Euro Lifecare Limited” is working with various distribution companies across the regions of Ukraine who have coverage of almost all Retail Pharmacies in Ukraine. The Field Force actively cooperates with the various departments of these distributors to ensure thorough penetration of products throughout Ukraine. Also, the potential of each and every pharmacy is taken into account and accordingly medical representatives of the company work regularly with them. Such an arrangement provides the best logistics, characterized by the absence of failures in the supply of products and the creation of optimal Inventories with distributors.

Medical representatives carry out active promotion of brands of “Euro Lifecare Limited” in all regions of the country. Efforts of medical representatives are concentrated on securing partnerships with specialists of medical institutions and pharmacies. A priority area for medical representatives is to inform doctors and pharmacists about the medicines of “Euro Lifecare Limited” through presentations and training seminars. Medical consultants, as practitioners, convey to their colleagues, the rational approaches and clinical uses of drugs of “Euro Lifecare Limited.”

The Regulatory Department ensures that the correct procedures are followed for the Registration of new medicines and dietary supplements, re-registered products / dietary supplements, filing variations for registered products, registration of medical devices, declaration of prices of medicines, as well as the procedure for certification of GMP-manufacturing sites in Ukraine. The department also controls the registration of drugs / dietary supplements in other CIS countries.

The Quality Control Department ensures the control of conformity of imported goods into the territory of Ukraine with the registration documentation; support the laboratory control of the medicines and working with the State Inspectorate for their reports, and deciding arbitration issues with the State Inspectorate and the Laboratory.

Pharmacovigilance is also conducted under the control of the Regulatory Department as per the EU Guidelines.

The Department interacts with the following Government organizations:

  • State Enterprise “State Expert Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”;
  • State Inspectorate for Quality Control of Medicines;
  • The Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • State Institution “Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. O.M. Marzeev Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis State Enterprise “State Expert Center”
HR Department

Involved in the selection of new staff and continuously working with the current team. The work consists of a whole set of organizational measures and competent steps aimed at maximizing the use of professional skills of the staff and improving these skills.

The department carries out a number of tasks necessary for the efficient operation of the company:

  • Identification of the needs of staffing and recruitment, together with the heads of departments;
  • Analysis of personnel turnover, finding ways to combat vacancies;
  • Registration of personnel files, and issuing at the request of employees, information and copies of documents;
  • Maintenance of leave records, scheduling and execution of the holiday in accordance with applicable labor legislation;
  • Organization of appraisals, making plans for career improvement of the personnel;
  • Preparation of training plans for the team.

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