About company

“Euro Lifecare” is a pharmaceutical marketing company that has been successfully operating in many countries of Europe and the CIS for over 20 years.

The activity of “Euro Lifecare” is based on the establishment of long-term partnerships with manufacturers (based on the exclusive presentation of goods and brands on the territory of Ukraine and the CIS), suppliers, distributors, pharmacy chains and the medical community.

Euro Lifecare sets and maintains high standards in all areas of its activity: both within the company and outside it.

Today, the main activities of the company are registration, marketing and further promotion of medicines and dietary supplements in Ukraine.

The main principles of our working are:

Many companies from India and Europe are suppliers of "Euro Lifecare", the quality of their products is confirmed by GMP certificates.
All medicinal products presented by "Euro Lifecare" comply with international quality standards.
"Euro Lifecare" - caring for your life!

Values "Euro Lifecare"

  • Professionalism and competence

  • Team spirit and team cohesion

  • Motivation and responsibility

  • Continuous learning

  • Openness and effective communication

  • Efficient work execution

  • Long-term successful cooperation

Our team

Today "Euro Lifecare" in Ukraine has a developed structure and a staffed team of highly qualified specialists. «Euro Lifecare» has consistently pursued a policy focused on creating an effective and results-based marketing structure, using the possibilities of modern information technology, market potential and experience in the field of marketing.