Сonference Lviv

21 – 23 September, 2016 in Lviv was held XVIII All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Actual problems of Pediatrics (Sidelnikovsk’s reading). The conference addressed the current problems of caring for a healthy of child and breastfeeding, problem diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common childhood illnesses. Also held a separate meeting to discuss the reports of the main freelance experts on a specialty of “Childish cardiorheumatology”.

Dr. of med. sciences, professor, head of the department of nutrition problems and somatic disease of infant’s problems of SI “IPOG NAMS” of Ukraine Oleg G. Shadrin made presentations:

– “Colic in infants: a new approach to treatment” (O.G. Shadrin, G.A. Gayduchik)

– “Optimization of rehydration therapy under viral diarrhea in young children” (O.G. Shadrin, A.A.Kovalchuk).

Dr. of med. sciences, professor, head of the healthy child’s problems and premorbid conditions of SI “IPOG NAMS of Ukraine”, the chief freelance pediatrician of Kyiv, Kvashnin Ludmila Viktorovna, read the reports:

– “Acetonemic syndrome: approaches to effective treatment”

– “Alimentary latent calcium deficiency in children, methods of correction”